Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cycling - Fantastic Recreational Exercise

Anyone who knows me knows I love cycling. I think cycling is a top notch recreational pastime that helps with overall fitness. Now note I do not cycle for fitness, I cycle for fun and always enjoy getting on my bicycle and exploring the hills and vales of Taiwan. I have documented many of my cycling trips on my personal blog @ Cycling in Taiwan. You can also follow my cycling exploits on Strava: Paul or Garmin Connect: Paul. Now as I said earlier, I don't use cycling as my primary fitness tool but rather as a recreational pastime that has obvious health benefits. Of course, cycling is an optional exercise tool that can easily be fitted into a regular fitness plan.

Commuting by Bicycle

Last year, before I injured my knee, I was cycling too and from work (see my regular route). However, this year, since I don't have a job (and since I only recently started cycling again), I haven't cycled as much. Still, if it is possible, commuting on a bicycle is a good way to get active before and after work. In Taipei, cycling too and from work is just plain good sense (and I am sure in other cities it makes good sense too). I think cycling to and from work took the same time as a commute on public transport. Maybe if you had a car it would be quicker,  but not significantly shorter. So commuting to work on a bicycle just makes good sense and is an easy way to add more MOVEMENT to your day. My wife recently started to commute to and from work on her bicycle. It is only a 8 km round trip but she has told me that she is already feeling the benefits of her daily commute.

Benefits of Cycling

The benefits of cycling are numerous. A quick Google search for "health benefits of cycling" throws up a lot of websites. Two I liked going through were the benefits listed on Discovery and Men's Fitness. Some benefits on Discovery include cycling being good for your heart, muscle, waistline and your lifespan. I think those benefits appeal to us all. I think some of the other benefits are the potential for fun and the sense of freedom. In addition, when on a bicycle you explore your local area even more and the further you cycle, the more you discover, which can benefit many. An example of this is I recently rode my bike to a place called Fushan in the mountains South of Taipei. It was such a beautiful place I decided to take my wife there for an overnight stay two weeks late.

Last Word

Well, with all the obvious benefits of cycling, I am not sure why people don't want to get on their bikes and ride. Cycling is awesome: no argument.

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