Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick Early Morning Full Body Workout

At Who Needs a Gym we try to make exercise easy and simple so everyone can get involved. My basic philosophy is that to get fit you don't need to go to a gym. Gym has many benefits and there are many reasons to go to a gym, but improving your fitness and getting stronger doesn't necessarily require an expensive gym membership fee. Anyway, I have been doing the 100 Push-up challenge over the past few weeks. I also intended to do the Armstrong pull-up program at the same time but sadly I haven't really gotten into that yet. But what I am doing are push-ups everyday.

After doing the program for a week or so I decided to develop a quick, full body workout that hits upper body, core and legs. A set of a typical workout now looks something like this.

  • Pushups
  • Core Exercise
  • Leg Exercise
  • Cardio
For core exercises I do a few of the core exercises from the P90X Ab Ripper X workout. So maybe I starte with In & Outs and then next set do Crunchy Frog etc. For legs I will do lunges, squats, jump reach squats or whatever I can think of and then for Cardio, I have a stepping machine at home that I walk on for 100 steps. Once I have completed the set I take a 2 minute break and then do it again. Depending on the day I will do either 3 or 5 sets.

A complete 3 or 5 set workout will take about 20 minutes so you cannot say you don't have the time to do it! You do!

Good Luck

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