Thursday, March 21, 2013

Countdown Workout - Pushups, Squats and Leg Raises

A quick 12-minute Who Needs a Gym home workout routine that includes squats, pushups and leg raises.

Quick workout that took me 12 minutes to finish. If you finish it you will do 65 reps of each exercise (a total of 195 reps) and hopefully you will feel the burn too. If you are brave you can head all the way down to 1 rep of each exercise (a total of 15 rounds) and a total rep count for each exercise then would be 120 reps.

Round 1:

15 x Pushups
15 x Squats
15 x Leg raises

Round 2:

14 x Pushups
14 x Squats
14 x Leg raises

Round 3:

13 x Pushups
13 x Squats
13 x Leg raises

Round 4:

12 x Pushups
12 x Squats
12 x Leg raises

Round 5:

11 x Pushups
11 x Squats
11 x Leg raises

So let me know how you did.....and this is something you can do at home.

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