Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pushups - Beginner to Advanced

At Who Needs a Gym I want to make exercise accessible to everyone irrespective of age or level of fitness. Unfortunately some people have said to me in various forums that some of the workouts I have put out there are a little difficult for the the entry level person. So to enable you, the BEGINNER, to do more pushups, I want to introduce the 6-week 100-pushup program. WHAT! OK, to be honest it is highly doubtful people will be able to hit 100 reps after 6 weeks BUT, if you want to do MORE pushups you have to START doing pushups.


The 6-week 100-pushup program can be seen here @ www.hundredpushups.com. You can review the program there but it is a simple program that requires you to do a simple test in the beginning to determine your fitness level and then to follow a specified pushup program according to your results. IF YOU CAN ONLY DO ONE PUSHUP you can do this program. It will help you improve your pushup reps and help you improve your upper body strength.

If you cannot do ANY pushups you can do assisted pushups on your knees or against the wall until you are strong enough to do at least one pushup.


The easiest way to improve your reps is:

(1) To do more pushups
(2) Lose weight - the lighter you are the easier it is to push yourself up.

Now, STOP READING THE BLOG, drop and do 10 pushups!

Good luck and let me know if you are doing this program and how it goes.

Cheer, Paul

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