Monday, March 25, 2013

Park Workouts - You can be fit at any age!

Here at Who Needs a Gym I will be highlighting and emphasizing park & home workouts and that it is possible to be fit at any age. Park/home workouts are easy to do and cheap. When I did P90X a few years ago, I did it all in the small park near my house (except the Yoga and Stretching). I will speak about that more later. For now I want to emphasize that here in Asia many people (and especially old folks) often exercise in the park. We saw the guy in the picture below exercising in a park in Osaka, Japan. Look how in shape the guy is. I don't know if the kendo stick is his only workout program, but still, it is great to see people his age out there doing a pretty intense workout.

Osaka Samuraii - Tennoji Park
Cool In-shape Older Man Working out in Tennoji Park

You can see some of his routine in the video below. Just go to the 3 min 35 second mark in the video below.

Anyway, want to stress you can do tons of different exercises in the park or at home at any age that won't compromise your health and fitness so stop making excuses, stop reading this blog and start moving NOW! Comeback and tell us what you did. We are curious. Good Luck!

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